KARACHI - Jafferia Alliance Pakistan (JAP) President Allama Abbas Kumaili on Thursday denounced the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) decision for suspending the Syria membership of theOIC.

Addressing a press conference at Press Club, former Senator Allama Abbas Kumaili said that Syria was the bastion of Palestine resistance and the present insurgency of Syria was the conspiracy of the US and Israel to destabilise the anti-Israel regime from Syria.

He claimed that the OIC decision of suspending the Syrian membership was a result of the US and Israel pressure on the leaders of Muslims countries and demanded the Muslim rulers to withdraw the decision against Syria. Kumaili announced that the Pakistani nation will observe the Al-Quds Day across the country on last Friday of Ramazan (28th Ramazan) to condemn the illegitimate Zionist Israel occupation on Palestine.

He paid rich tribute to late Imam Khomeni for keeping the issue of Palestine alive. He declared the last Friday of Ramazan a day of Al-Quds and criticised the criminal silence of Muslim rulers on the illegitimate occupation of Israel on the land of Palestine. Condemning the incidents of Kamra and Babusar, he demanded the law-enforcement agencies to take stern action against the terrorists.

 for the sake of the country saying that peace in the country would not possible until the elimination of terrorists.