The recent performance of the sub-continental countries in the London Olympics has proved that the graph of sports for these countries has fallen to a new low, just as they have been inept in other fields of life. Pakistan’s 23-member squad could not get a single medal in any event. The hockey team lost an important match against Australia by 7-0 and the performance of other athletes was also below average. India’s population is more than the US but the Indian squad managed to get only three medals. The Indian hockey team got 12th position on the points table. Political influence, non-merit and poor training facilities are the main causes of the poor performance of athletes and hockey players. Most of the appointments in key sports are politically motivated. Developing countries exhibit poor training facilities and those athletes and players who come from poor areas do not even get financial support from the government. Cricket being a popular and money minting sport in Pakistan and India, the governments of both countries pay little or no attention to other sports. The pity is that many a poor and small African country managed to get medals in racing and other indoor sports events. Because of a lack of governmental support, poor training facilities, financial difficulties and poor playing stamina, players and athletes were unable to compete with the US, African, South American, Chinese and European players.


Jeddah, August 15.