LAHORE - Most of the political parties want Pakistan to come out of the war on terror to check unabated terrorist attacks on its soil.

Showing serious concern over the continuous attacks on the defence installations of the country, politicians and former military men have also called for reframing the policies on war on terror with an aim to giving precedence to national interests and protecting the national assets.

PML-N central leader, Sartaj Aziz said Kamra Airbase attack appears like Mehran attack of May 2011, however, good security measures thwarted the attack.

No Orion aircraft arson like incident took place, he said.

Sartaj said after Mehran Base and GHQ attacks, the apparent motive behind the current attack is to weaken the security system of the country.

He ruled out that attack was a reaction to the announced military action in North Waziristan possibly after Ramazan and said, the announcement has been made just days ago while such attacks require long planning and much time than this period.

From the layout of the adjacent area of Kamra base, he said, it seems there is a vast rural area which in his view, is open to facilitate the terrorists to sneak into the building.

To a question whether terror attack of this sort implies intentions of the terrorists to gradually reach out to the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan or pose to the world their vulnerability at their hands, Sartaj vehemently repudiated this impression and said, our nuclear assets are well protected and can never be accessible to these elements.

The terrorists mainly intend to create disturbance and instability in the country, he added.

Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Liaquat Baloch pointing to American hand in the incident said that Kamra attack appears to force Pakistan Army obey the US dictates ,however, he did not see any direct nexus between this incident and the likely action in North Waziristan.

Referring to North Waziristan, he said, if launched, it will provide US with more opportunity to unleash terror inside Pakistan. He underscored that Pakistan must say good bye to US war on terror and frame its own policies in light of the resolutions of the Parliament. He said the policies pursued by Pervez Musharraf to grant everything to US need to be reconsidered.

Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi, said the aim of the terrorists was to destroy the national assets and demoralise the nation ,however, they will never succeed in their designs. He said we are fighting the war of the outsiders and if we want peace we must come out of it.

Central leader PTI Shafqat Mahmood termed the Kamra attack on the integrity of the country and demanded full probe into the incident.

Central Information Secretary, ANP, Zahid Khan said these terrorists are the same who were dubbed Mujahideen and left out after Afghan war in late 80s and today are the ‘mercenaries’ who on the behest of others want to create instability and anarchy in the country.

Terming the current war on terror as US war, he underlined the need for coming out of it ,otherwise, our soldiers will continue to be killed whether in KPK, Waziristan or anywhere else. He said Pakistan Army must not launch any action in the interest of US and do whatever is in the best interest of the country and the nation.

Central Secretary information, JUI-F Maulana Muhammad Amjad stated that the current incident could have been well prevented if the past incidents would have been probed by the govt.

He said the incident needs to be seen in the perspective of the of the past policies of the Pakistan government and the on going war on terror which, he said, infact has been imposed on Pakistan which ,otherwise, was the most peaceful State in the region. The most alarming feature of the matter, he said is that our defence installations are being targeted and now we direly need to know who are the elements which have designs on our security agencies and most likely the foreign hand should be found out.

He said a tug of war between the two major political parties for the sake of power is resulting in a light concentration on the security which is also facilitating such attacks. He urged the whole nation to pray for the nation and the country.

Defence Analyst Lt-Gen (Retd) Tallat Masood said that the attack appears to weaken the government as well as the security agencies and to transform Pakistan into another Afghanistan where they can rule.

He said at the government level failure exists about framing a comprehensive policy to prevent recurrence of such attacks.

The former General did not subscribe to the view that attackers aim at reaching our nuclear arsenal or they can break our determination towards their protection.

However, he said, such attacks for a nuclear Pakistan are not without serious consequences in the world.

Lt-Gen (Retd) Naseer Akhtar said the attack appears to be a means of the TTP to release pressure which has been mounting on them from the military concentration in North Waziristan.

He said the unsafe village adjacent to Kamra airbase had facilitated the terrorists while their links with the militants across the border with Afghanistan cannot be ruled out. Pakistan on the one side has to protect itself from becoming conduit for American designs and on the other, to prevent more attacks on its soil which he said are in sight after the present incident.

He favoured dialogue with Taliban and Haqqani network as a matter of policy after taking US into confidence.