Pakistan has very strongly rejected Indian media’s allegations about the attack across the Line of Control in the Poonch Sector, Indian officials claim and their media propagates that five Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani soldiers. The Indian allegation has come at a time when the two countries were about to restart peace process, which has been interrupted many times. Pakistan is trying to normalise relations with its neighbour, India, but somehow or the other the process of dialogue gets derailed, mostly due to the stubborn and inflexible attitude of the latter.

Recently, there was an air violation in Pakistan’s air space by pilot less Indian vehicles (drones). Besides, the unabated atrocities of Indian Occupation Forces on innocent Kashmir’s in held Kashmir and continuation of construction work on Pakistan bound rivers are also reflective of the non-seriousness Indian attitude towards conflict resolution.

As a matter of fact, Pakistan has already done a lot for normalisation of relations with its archrival, It has agreed to talk on the Siachen matter which is tantamount to bailing out India from an issue where it is facing greater inconvenience and expenditures than Pakistan. Resumption of bus services, exchange of cultural delegations, easing the visa formalities and initiation of various other ‘Confidence Building’ measures (CBMs) are probably all in line with Indian desires and to its benefit.

On the contrary, India has no longing to talk about its alleged involvement in Pakistan’s province of Balochistan despite the fact that during a summit at Sharm-el-Shaikh in 2009, the Balochistan issue was included in a joint statement of the premiers of the two countries, mere inclusion of the issue in a joint statement is tantamount to its acceptance by India in principle. Pakistan’s statement in this regard was explicit and unambiguous. However, India made no efforts to prevent such involvement or even investigate the matter to pacify Pakistan.

Without the Kashmir and Balochistan issues on board the resumption of dialogue with India may not yield meaningful results. Therefore, it seems imperative for intelligentsia of the country to ponder upon and adopt a firm and unequivocal stance over such issues, this will not only help resolve a long outstanding dispute over Kashmir which is central to the normalisation of relations it may help resolve water dispute and its distribution as well.


Lahore, August 8.