KARACHI - An anti-corruption court on Friday issued arrest warrants for ex-NICL director Qasim Amin Dada in the NICL Case.

The ATC-II, Karachi, during the hearing, expressed its dissatisfaction over the absence of Amin Fahim and Qasim Dada. Fahim’s lawyer told the court that the lawmaker was busy with parliamentary duties and could not appear. He requested the court to condone his presence. The court accepted his request and issued arrest warrants for Qasim Dada.

The former federal minister and Qasim Dada had allegedly caused huge financial losses to the national exchequer by violating rules in the procurement of a piece of land in Korangi.

According to the original charge sheet, Rs 900 million were embezzled in the purchase of the land in question while Rs 41 million out of this amount were transferred in the loan account of Fahim and members of his family in a private bank.