ISLAMABAD -  The cat finally comes out of the bag as all the three tainted cricketers Salman Butt and M Aamir and now M Asif has also accepted his role in spot-fixing and sought forgiveness from the Pakistani nation.

These three had done a big crime and their mistake is not an ordinary one or easy to swallow. If they had murdered someone, then a single family might suffer but they have killed the entire Pakistani nation. Their heinous act had brought shame for the entire nation at international level and entire Pakistani community has been facing the aftershocks even after almost three years past since they had committed that unforgettable blunder.

It is true Pakistan cricket team was in great need of Aamir and Asif, as they were the two premier fast bowlers but a lot of time has past since their exclusion from the national side and now Pakistan cricket team has taken got their best replacements. They are now seeking forgiveness just becau   se all the doors are shut on them and they had tried to hide their mistake at every available international forum and after getting the boot from all the courts, they were left with no other option but to accept their mistake and seek forgiveness. They consider Pakistani nation as a fool, who will forget easily all the embracement, pain and agony they had suffered and forgive these national criminals.

They had not only let down themselves, their families but also the entire Pakistani nation and now every one has been raising eye brows on achievements of Pakistan and Pakistanis at international level.

How on earth they expect any favour from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the nation? They should have considered at least twice their decisions before selling themselves for few timely favours. Incumbent PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf is also at fault as he gave hope to M Aamir who was not a five-year old kid and was fully aware about the consequences of his mistake and he should have kept in mind the impact of that blunder. Pakistani nation and cricket team doesn’t need such sportsmen, who can sell themselves and the country for meager benefits.

They should be punished severely and made an example for others. If the nation or the PCB will forgive them, it will set a very bad example for every other player or individual and they will start following their footsteps and after committing a mistake of more serious nature, they will seek forgiveness in the same way.

No one from them or others who had done similar kind of offense should be given any relaxation, as they don’t deserve any soft corners. No matter how Aamir or Asif was important to team, they must not be given second chance, as there is no surety that they will not repeat the same mistake again but there is every possibility they will try to earn as much as they can to settle all the loses they have suffered during their ban days and above all, the international community will never forgive Pakistan and they will continue to hurt Pakistan sports. They should reap what they had sown and there must not be any soft corner for these national criminals.