TENNESSEE, US: A dog has adopted an abandoned kitten in Tennessee and is nursing it with her own milk.

Ba Boo, a three year old Shar Pei from Kodak, Tennessee, has never even had puppies, reports NBC News.

Her owner, Sherry Brandt, describes her as a sweet dog who likes to be at home.

Mrs Brandt’s daughter rescued an abandoned kitten from a local parking lot, took her in and named her Ally.

Ba Boo and Ally instantly connected, constantly playing together, and after a few weeks, the family noticed that Ba Boo was looking swollen.

“I thought, she couldn’t have milk because she’s never had puppies, she’s never been bred,” said Mrs Brandt.

“She (Ally) seemed to have faith that this was her mom and that she’d get milk. Ba Boo seems to believe that she’s the cat’s mom. “It’s just a miracle that she got milk and she is nursing this kitten.”–WO