KARACHI - Some gunmen attacked the office of a private TV channel and left two employees wounded here on Friday. At least four gunmen riding a motorbike reached the building of a media group and resorted to indiscriminate fire.

A woman namely Raheela and a security guard Mir Ali were wounded in the incident. Witnesses said the armed men had arrived from Baloch Colony and also escaped towards the Baloch Colony. 

An investigation team headed by Deputy Inspector General of the District South, Dr Ameer Shaikh has also been constituted to probe into the incident. Police officials said the culprits used 9mm pistols and police have collected at least 38 empty shells from the site.

The empty shells were sent to the Forensic Division of the Sindh Police.

SSP Tariq Dharejo said the police have also made the sketches of two armed men with the help of the witnesses and have also obtained the CCTV footage. He said the motive and group behind the attack has yet to be ascertained. The police were investigating the case from different angles.