Reading a news item which stated that the PM of Norway travelled in a taxi and asked the taxi driver, to find out 'what people really think', was very interesting news in a section of the press reported on August 12, 2013.

This reminds me of our early Muslim rulers who used to roam in the city during the night in different disguises to get firsthand knowledge about the condition of the common man. Present day Muslim rulers do not need such exercises as they are overworked and have the habit of depending on agencies and polls for their popularity.

My wife watches a Turkish play with interest called ‘Mera Sultan’ in which the life of a king is portrayed who is concerned about his people and walks around the market asking about his rule. I was amazed why we, who call ourselves Muslims, have forgotten our history and we are so afraid of death that our rulers can never meet the common man on the street.

Shahbaz Sharif should now hold open court where everyone is allowed to come. If they claim that they have been elected with a huge majority they should not be afraid of meeting the common man, but the question is are we practicing Muslims and do we follow Islam?


Islamabad, August 12.