KARACHI - Scores of people took to the streets after Friday prayers in Karachi against the state sponsored massacre of Muslims in Egypt.

The protest appeal was made by Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi. A massive protest rally was held from Gurumandir to the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at Numaish Chowrangi.

Funeral service in absentia of Egypt’s martyrs was offered which was led JI Sindh Amir Mairajul Huda Siddiqui. Thousands of Karachiities, carrying placards and banners inscribed with anti-dictatorial slogans, chanted slogans against General Cisi of Egypt, who had toppled the elected government of Dr Mursi, the first premier of Egypt after revolution.

Addressing the rally, JI leader Dr Meraj termed the bloodshed of innocent citizens in Egypt as foundation of a great Islamic revolution in the Middle East. He said the Egyptian army, led by General Cesi, targeted those innocent, unarmed protestors, who were struggling for democracy, peace and their constitutional rights in the country. He said the Egypt’s army had not only targeted the people including women, children and senior citizens with bullets but also smashed down field hospitals, established by Muslim brotherhood. He said the army also charged a mosque and ablaze it when citizens were preparing to offer funeral prayers of martyrs in the mosque.

He raised the question that what was the fault of those people who were martyred at Rabia Basri ground. He added their only fault was that they were struggling for Islam, peace and democracy. “If it is a crime then being Muslim we also accept our crime to love Islam and struggle for peace and democracy.”

Dr Meraj said while addressing General Cesi, “Shame on you general, as you betrayed not only the people of Egypt but the entire Umma and now you have become the most popular personality in Israel.”

He paid rich tributes to Dr Mursi for his refusal to avail safe passage abroad and his decision to remain with his people in his homeland. He also demanded Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and United Nations (UN) to cancel the membership of Egypt.

JI Sindh Deputy Chief Asadullah Bhutto also addressed the rally. He raised the question that where are the champions of democracy and human rights. What they did for Egypt’s people except the lip service. He also criticised Pakistan’s political parties, including the PPP and the MQM for showing cold shoulder to Egyptians.

JI Karachi Amir Hussain Mehanti in his address charged General Cesi for toppling elected government on the behest of the United States. He said it was a matter of grave concern and a taboo on the face of civilised world that soon after the anti-democratic act and marshal law by General Cesi, Saudia Arabia granted Egypt’s illegal government with millions of US dollars.

He strictly criticised the Egyptians army for its inhuman behaviors towards its own citizens and termed General Cesi a black sheep in Muslim Umma.

On the occasion, another massive protest rally was announced, which would be held on Sunday at the Arts Council of Pakistan Chowrangi.