ISLAMABAD  -  While the doctors in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) struggle hard to save life of gunman Sikandar who made hostage entire Islamabad on Thursday, Islamabad Capital Territory Police on Friday registered an FIR against him and his wife under Terrorism Act in Kohsar police station.

“We have registered an FIR No 398 against the accused under Section 324/506 (02)/341/337H (2)/353/186-/279/427/34/7ATA/13.20.65 AO,” Hakim Khan, Station House Officer of Kohsar Police station confirmed to The Nation on Friday.

Security agencies are ,however, conducting investigation into the apparent and hidden motive of the injured attacker Sikandar. And the way Zamurad Khan was given a go ahead to approach the attacker moments before the administration had decided to conduct an action against the assailant.

On the other hand, Dr Waseem Khawaja, spokesperson of PIMS told The Nation early in the morning on Friday that team of surgeons successfully conducted operation of the gunman and recovered two bullets from his body.

“Sikandar has been shifted to Intensive Care Unit of PIMS following the surgical operation. Doctors recovered two bullets from his body. One of the bullets ruptured his lungs while another one penetrated hard in his leg and fractured bones. He is still unconscious, however, next 24 hours are very important for his recovery,” Dr Waseem Khawaja said.

Quoting his wife Kanwal who is under treatment in PIMS following a bullet injury, Waseem Khawaja said the accused used to subject his wife to immense torture and was addict as well. He, however, confirmed that doctors who operated the gunman said he was not under influence of any drug or liquor for past couple of days.

According to official sources, Sikandar, the gunman and his wife reached Islamabad a couple of days back on Wednesday to get their passports urgently. Both stayed in new Islamabad Hotel alongwith their kids.

“Both Sikandar and his wife wanted to travel to Dubai where their son is allegedly languishing in a jail. They reached Islamabad just to obtain passports on urgent basis. This is what we have known during preliminary investigations,” one of higher police official privy to the development in the case told The Nation.

On Friday, senior superintendent of Islamabad Capital territory police told journalists that police deliberately avoided use of force against the accused as they wanted to arrest him alive.

“We wanted to arrest him alive and remained successful in our planning,” said SSP Rizwan. He said that former Parliamentarian Zamurad Khan acted by his own. 

Earlier on Thursday, it looked liked a scene of thrilling movie of Hollywood  when a brave former member of the National Assembly got hold of a gunman who managed to make hostage the entire Islamabad for almost five hours. Amidst live television coverage of the entire event, Pakistanis kept on glued to their TV screens as the high drama prolonged and finally entered consecutive fifth hour.

As the gunman man continued to make hostage entire Islamabad, Zamurad Khan risked his life to meet the gunman man apparently giving the impression that he was there for negotiations. However, Zamurad Khan had something else in his mind. While greeting the kids of gunman, Zamurad jumped to overpower the gunman, ,however, slipped and fell down.His bravery gave the police a chance to get hold of the gunman and they did not make any mistake.

In what could be called as biggest security lapse in the history of Federal capital Islamabad, a man armed with AK-47 Kalashnikov and sub-machine gun entered high security zone in the evening on Thursday and demanded the government to step down and establish Islamic rule of law and Shariah in Pakistan.

While people and media kept on criticising the law-enforcement agencies arguing it was their failure to overcome a single gunman who managed to force entry into the red zone, Islamabad police high ups choose to prolong the siege of gunman making him tire just to arrest him alive. Finally, the strategy worked and gunman was arrested.

It is still a mystery as how did the man, armed with latest weapons,  managed to reach the high security zone that is surrounded by a dozen of police pickets.

Rana Sanaullah, Provincial Minister of Punjab termed the incident as a result of poor security arrangement in the Federal capital and asked the government to identify the officials who were responsible for this horrible incident.