Despite the recent sudden increase in tensions along the LoC, Pakistan has displayed a commendable restraint and maturity, despite having lost lived as a result of ceasefire violations by the Indians. Yet, Indian Prime Minister Singh had the gall to berate Pakistan for “anti-India activity”, from behind a bullet-proof wall, in his Indian independence day speech.

Hostage to domestic political concerns, even the formerly sensible Indian PM – remember Sharm-al-Sheikh – has timidly fallen into line with the wishes of BJP aggressors. Despite the increasing shrillness of voices from India, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has resisted the urge to respond in kind. Despite the flare-up, in routine diplomatic correspondence Pakistan’s tone has been positive and encouraging of moving ahead with talks.

In sharp contrast, it has been answered with childish stubbornness and perpetual laments from the Indian side inspired by feelings of intense self-pity. Pakistan’s losses of life have been no less severe, but it has remained steady on the track of dialogue. In his recent letter to the Indian PM, Premiere Sharif once again mentioned with positive inclication a meeting at the UN General Assembly. Deliberately sidelining the issue and allowing the most important meet to be sabotaged by the BJP and other Congress-rival parties, Mr Singh responded with the “anti-India activity” harangue.

Pakistan can only answer for its own behaviour, which has been a model of forbearance. At the UN too, when PM Sharif meets Presidents Obama, he will be lauded for his diplomatically sensitive role. Efforts are underway by US and British diplomats to try to ease the tension caused by the LoC ceasefire violations and reschedule the Singh-Sharif meeting. Mr Singh would do well to take a leaf out of Mr Sharif’s book, and act like a statesmen, instead of a feckless politician.