SIALKOT/NAROWAL/WAZIRABAD/SHEIKHUPURA/HAFIZABAD  -  There was high flood on Friday in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot and River Jammu Tavi at Saidpur-Sialkot with water flow of 190,575 cusecs and 23,573 cusecs respectively, disclosed a district official.

District Officer (Coordination) Abid Hussain said that there was also high flood in Aik nullah as the flow of floodwater was 48,000 cusecs at Oora-Sialkot. The flow of water was 10,000 cusecs in Dek nullah near Chahoor-Pasrur.

Thousands of local people remained stranded in Bajwat villages near Sialkot as about four to five feet floodwater was playing havoc in 85 Bajwat villages including Saidpur, Chaprar, Gondal, Jhumiyaan Dalaalan, Salehpur, Bajwat, Sadarpura, Ghazipur, Gidhpur, Dera Minhasaan,Meehal, Seerh, Tiba Marhaal , Tiba Khurd, Tiba Kalan and Kugh.

These villages were inundated due to spate in River Chenab near Bajwat and Rivier Jammu Tavi near Saidpur. The main Saidpur-Bajwat-Sialkot Road was badly damaged at various places by the floodwater due to which traffic remained suspended between Sialkot-Bajwat villages.

These remained inundated and cut off from the rest of Sialkot district, as the 15-feet breach at Saidpur could not be repaired due to the fast flow of floodwater after the over night’s spate in River Jammu Tavi near Saidpur-Bajwat. There was still high flood in River Chenab as the flow of floodwater was 190,575 cusecs at Head Marala near Sialkot.

On the other hand, a protective dyke at the banks of Dek was swept away near village Chahoor-Pasrur which also inundated again as many as 62 villages in Pasrur, Zafarwal and Qila Ahmedabad areas remained inundated.

MPA Ch Munawar Ali Gill told the newsmen at Pasrur that as many as 70 villages of Pasrur tehsil were inundated due to fresh spate in Dek near village Chahoor-Pasrur. He said that about four to five feet high flood water was still standing in Pasrur tehsil’s these villages including Borikey, Eisapur, Wayine, Noorpura, Chak Raja, Malipur, Panwana, Fataah, Killeywali, Lohar Key, Thathi Mardana, Saleem Key, Abdali, Munji Key, Karangali, Kot Kalal, Chak Laveerey, Kotli Hajipur, Moosapur, Kamal, Taawariyaanwala, Kala Chak, Ban Bajwa, Kallowali, Saadaanwali, Jhakar, Metaley, Taftipur , Nangal Mirza, Bhagat, Sadiqabad, Mallo Patiyaal, Dhillumwala, Lippeywali, Jaajupur, Kapur Pur, Dharkaliyaan, Kotli Tarkhanaan , Rasulpur, Takhatpur, Ooncha Pahaar, Jabbokey, Chak Machchaana, Nawaadhey, Eispur, Seehowal, Jeesatiwala, Qila Ahmedabad, Sojowali, Kukka Pan, Poond, Baangey, Rasheedpur, Ghangor, Khewan Cheema, Saarh Fataah, Behlolpur, Chcheema, Peera, Baryar, Balloki, Main Harpal, Punj Grayeen Bajwa, Narang Wali, Dhung, Kheemowali, Baddo Cheema and Khewa Hundalaan.

In Sambrial, 43 villages of Daska and Sambrial tehsils were again inundated due to fresh major spate in nullah Aik and Palkhu near Sahowala and Sambrial. Over four feet floodwater was standing in these villages including Bhopalwala, Kotli Khokharan, Kopra Khurd, Kopra Kalan, , Naseerpura, Gulab Garh, Saahiyaanwala, Gadiyaala-East, Dhilum , Balugan , Gadiyaala-West, Chokey Kalan, Dor, Kathiyaala, Doburji Chanda Singh, Bhakhareywali, Habibpur, Siraanwali-Satrah, Mianwali Bangla, Ban Bajwa, Ismail Awan, Nagor, Peero Chak , Aadamkey, Lodhikey Cheema, Warsaalkey, Puraaney Key, Choohr Chak, Umer Key, Passiya, Veeram Key, Wassankey and Taajo Key Cheema, besides, inundating the standing seasonal crops on hundreds of acres  in Daska and Sambrial tehsils.

In Narowal, Flooding in Dek nullah, rivers Chenab and Sutlej submerged more than 100 villages while destroyed crops over thousands of acres.

At least 130 villages were flooded after breach in Nullah Dek and Basantar in Narowal. The flood affected standing crops over thousands of acres besides displacing a large population and damaging their houses.

Besides, at least 25 health centres and 104 government schools were inundated. Precautionary measures were ordered by the Flood Forecasting Division to avoid the loss of life and property after flooding at Kot Mithan in Rajanpur.

Meanwhile, the health, livestock and civil defense personnel have been put on high alert to meet any emergency situation. Dozens of villages in Haveli Lakha were submerged after flooding at Head Sulemanki in River Sutlej on Friday. Evacuation of the people and their livestock has been started.

In Wazirabad, after affecting 2 dozen villages of Bella, water level is receding in the River Chenab. Present situation is medium level flood with water flow of about 200,000 cusecs in River Chenab at Wazirabad.

A youth namely Muhammad Qasim  of village Laveriwala drowned while rescuing his buffalo. Half a dozen of houses were washed away due to heavy rain but no human loss has so far been reported. Two dozens villages were affected due to heavy rain and flood in Nullah Palkhoo. Crop of Rice and Tobacco spreading on some 20,000 acres of land has been inundated up to 2 feet. The flood hit villages include Naugran, Laveriwala, Naharke, Paatoke,Rana Behram, Nathoo Lok, Daulatabad, Haripur, Tahliwala, Maaneywala, Gulab Garh, and other villages of downstream of the nullah and the river.  The road link of the affected villages with Wazirabad and Sohdra has been cut off by the flood.

Villagers have shifted their cattle to safer places. High flood was reported in Palkhoo Nullah which is up to 7,000 cusecs, some 3500 cusecs above the capacity of the nullah. The water level is also increasing as well. Water level in River Chenab will increase up to 50,000 cusecs of water, said a representative of Irrigation Department deputed on River Chenab Bridge.

In Sheikhupura, the water of Bhair, Lilla and Dek nullahs was passing through tehsil Ferozewala after ruining standing crops in villages Shamke, Gill Bhanawala, Chak 41 and Chak 42 on Thursday. Dozens of houses were also swept away in water. The affected people shifted their cattle to safer places. The Kala Khatai road near Ucha Pind was submerged in water and has been closed for light vehicles.

The victims demanded that the district and tehsil administrations should provide them with camps besides food and necessary medicines as diseases are feared to spread in the affected areas. The victim condemned the apathy of irrigation department for not strengthening the banks of nullahs nor did they carry out desilting.

In more than 60 villages of Hafizabad district and Wazirabad tehsil, flood in River Chenab is played havoc with the people though the water flow in the river was receding as compared to the discharge of Thursday night. The water discharge was 305,971 cusecs at Qadirabad Friday evening as against 407,598 cusecs last night.

Floodwater has inundated more than 40 villages where four to five feet water was flowing. All these villages were located inside the protective bund. According to an official source, 25 villages in Hafizabad tehsil have been badly affected and crops and fodder in hundreds of acres have been washed away. So far no loss of human life has been reported from any affective village.

Although discharge of water has been receding gradually yet the district administration has issued flood warning to all the people of 167 villages which would might be affected particularly in Jalalpur Bhattian and Pindi Bhattian area.

According to official source, marooned villagers were being evacuated and shifted to the different Relief Centres set up by the district administration. DCO Mansoor Qadir along with heads of different departments visited flood affected area and Qadirabad Barrage and apprised directed them about rescue and relief operation. He said that the district administration would provide all sorts of relief for the flood affectees.