Recently, the so called construction on Ferozepur road is causing a continuous series of difficulties and miseries for the surrounding inhabitants. Since the period of Chaudary Parvaiz Elahi, cages were erected and new paved roads were made, green belts were developed in between the roads.

After this, the Metro Bus project was launched, and the old green belts were eliminated. In order to widen the roads, buildings and shops were pushed back by 10 to 20 feet. Businesses of millions were ruined, and roads were blocked without alternative routes. Traffic jams became routine. This project created a series of difficulties. When the metro bus project was completed, the result was quiet positive. Traffic became flowing properly. Metro bus is not only swift but economical too. Lahori’s accepted this project whole heartedly.

Soon after the completion of the Metro Bus project, another project was started on the same venue. All the newly constructed roads, footpaths and drainage systems were demolished again after 6 to 7 months. Big electric poles were shifted thrice in a year.10 to 15 tube wells were also reinstalled on other places.

As a tax payer, it is my request to please complete these projects as soon as possible, and the rulers should realise the value of our tax money.

Ahmed Bilal Khan,

Lahore, August 15.