Pakistan is our identity, an identity that we earned through immense sacrifices. Countless people shed their blood to kindle the light of freedom and millions had to migrate, leaving behind all their worldly possessions, with many lost family members. Our elders sacrificed their present for our future. Independence Day demands from us that we should plan our future in the light of our past experiences. We have to look forward towards a better future. If we fail to correct our mistakes today and do not choose the right path and continue to serve our personal interest, instead of the national objectives, the future generations will never pardon us. As Quaid said, “let’s go forward, full of hope for the coming years, with faith in our heart, unity in our camp, discipline in our ranks, and I am confident of our success!”

We have forgotten why we needed to become a separate nation, why we needed a separate homeland for Muslims, we did not work so hard to provide a few families a chance to rob and plunder this fertile and rich land. This has to become a welfare state and a Muslim country so that we can prosper.


Karachi, August 14.