ISLAMABAD - The marchers and security personnel staying under the rainy sky without protection have started to fall ill due to fatigue, as the long march entered its third day on Saturday.

Five Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers went Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) complaining flu and fever while 14 policemen from Punjab suffering from flu, fever, backache and sore throat were treated at Pims. They were given medical treatment at emergency department of the hospital.

In mass gatherings when people are in close contacts in rainy weather and have substandard food, such viral infections may spread, Dr Javed Akram said. Children and elderly people should keep themselves covered in this season, he advised.

Meanwhile, in a meeting city administration directed the hospitals to set up a medical camp for PTI marchers at the site of the march.

The acting chief commissioner chaired the meeting to review the preparedness of the hospitals to deal with any possible emergency situation.

It was informed that Pims, Polyclinic and Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital have spared 150, 40 and 30 beds respectively.

They said the hospitals have also readied over 30 ambulances for any potential untoward situation.

Marchers will be treated initially at the camp and patients with serious problems will be referred to the hospitals, it was decided.