Our constitution explicitly guarantees fundamental rights but those rights are culpably violated. Indeed, human dignity is sacred but the present government, like the past successive governments, has utterly failed to respect and protect it. People are deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law, and also denied protection of the law. Every system in this country has failed to deliver and our rulers prefer to keep the ‘status quo’. They do not want to see any change, they do not want to see a smile on the faces of the 200 million people of this country. They delight in people’s misery, smile at the extreme poverty and poor health in the country. They are jubilant over the death of hungry and thirsty people!

Unfortunately, we are living in a hypocritical society, where we are quiet, until we are personally hurt. The rulers have shaken the very foundation of this country. Their cosmetic measures, their presence in the parliament, where they come to strengthen their own business empires, rather than to devise plans to reduce the miseries and problems of the people. The solution to all our problems lies in either in reforms, as envisaged by the PTI Chairman Imran Khan (socio-economic, academic, educational etc.) or revolution as envisaged by PAT chief Dr. Tahirul Qadri. It is a ‘Now or Never’ situation, where we can make this country a genuinely democratic, progressive and tolerant state, as envisaged by the founding fathers of this country.


Islamabad, August 12.