LAKKI MARWAT - Torrential rains coupled with hailstorm played havoc in parts of the district during the last two days.

According to reports reaching here, heavy downpour with intervals caused losses to the residents in urban and rural localities as boundary walls and roofs of houses collapsed. However, it turned the hot weather pleasant and people took a sigh of relief.

In Lakki city, the clogged sewerage drains overflowed and turned the streets and roads into pool of rainwater. Pedestrians and motorists faced troubles due to the flooded roads and streets. As a result of rain, boundary walls and roofs of several houses collapsed in rural localities but there are no reports about any loss of human life. Rain with swift winds also uprooted trees and damaged electricity polls in Tajazai, Zeran, Kalan and other parts of the district. Forest officials were seen collecting roadside rain-hit trees. The PESCO staffers spent the day busy to repair broken poles and wires so as to restore power supply. Besides, rain damaged power pylons caused long suspension of electricity in the urban and rural localities. Heavy shower also flooded rainy watercourses.

Residents have demanded of the local administration to direct revenue employees to assess rain-related losses for early compensation.