Sindh is truly a resource rich province. Among the natural resources discovered in the area, petrol, coal, minerals and natural gas are only some of the resources found. The latter is being consumed mercilessly for petty commercial purposes, such as fuels for public transport. There is a visible reluctance in the power circles, especially at the federal level, to avail any alternatives, yet cheap energy resources, through the development of coal-fields. According to a recent announcement, good quality coal has been discovered in abundance at Pangrio in Badin district.

While the vast coal reserves have already been found at Thar, the recently found coal reserves in Badin district have in effect made the province one of richest coal reserves in the region. Despite vast natural resources, the people of the province are getting poorer, while the whole country benefits. Poverty is on the rise due to slow growth in the agricultural and industrial sector, the opportunity of employment for locals is low. Due to poor socio-economic conditions the whole province is suffering. To tackle unemployment some programs have been chartered by the provincial and federal government for skill training, this is a step in the right direction, yet the need is to expand these programs to more technical institutes and colleges to impart more skill.

The governments should make it mandatory for all colleges to hold evening classes, free of charge, for the unemployed youth, to give them technical and vocational trainings. Natural resources of the provinces must be utilized prudentially ensuring that benefit is going to the people of the province in the shape of royalty or employment.


Karachi, August 13.