The three-day International Harappa Conference began at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) which is being attended by 35 national and international archaeologists.

The conference is jointly organised by the CIIT, Higher Education Commission, the Punjab Higher Education Commission and the Punjab Archaeology Department.

Most of the participating archaeologists have been associated, in one way or the other, with the excavations of the ancient site of Harappa.

The conference is focusing on the theme “Environment, Archaeology, Conservation and Legacy,” which will have long-term benefits for the students, Faculty of Social Sciences, Scholars, Archaeologists, Artisans, Craft persons and Architects.

Experts presented keynote speeches, scientific research papers and conducted specialized workshops on the first two days (Aug 15 and 16).

The concluding session will be held at the COMSATS campus in Sahiwal followed by the one day trip to the site of Harappa. The experts and conference participants will also visit the COMSATS, Sahiwal Campus for inauguration of the Montgomery Museum that is established as an expression of commitment.