This decision by Supreme Court to bar work on Bahria Town land, irregularly allotted by the MDA in Karachi, should be a wakeup call for those who consider elected public office as a license to commit irregularities without any restrictions. Starting with Musharraf’s rule, illegal activities in state institutions prevail because the state has abdicated power to criminals. Greed has blinded those who run these institutions. 

Elected government and public office holders instead of being custodians and guardians of state have assumed the role of abusers, facilitating criminals in heists and money laundering. When law becomes hostage to criminals then things go haywire. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that so called lawyers of repute, often portraying themselves as guardians of the constitution, democracy, rule of law and human rights are party to these illegalities. Nobody, including the elected government or sensitive institutions have a right to illegally possess state or private land. The State must act with all its force to put a stop to these foul practices. 


Lahore, August 2.