Engr. Shamsul Mulk has said that for the last 20 years we have been told to look for an alternate to Kalabagh dam, we have wasted all this time in pursuit of the so called ‘acceptable alternatives’ to Kalabagh dam while paying Rs132 billion every year (Punjab 68, Sindh 40, K-P 18, Balochistan 6), in terms of the price deferential in cost per unit for oil and hydel.

He goes on to say, “What are Sindh and K-P getting in return for their money, a gloomy darkness of load shedding, closure of factories, damages by floods, and relentless disputes between the provinces on sharing of Indus Rivers Water.”

Kalabagh dam would have injected 12 billion dollars which into the economy every year at $2 billion for each maf of dam capacity.


Lahore, August 3.