The heinous act of selling infants is commonly committed in Pakistan. Recently a couple has been taken into police custody for selling their own new born baby girl in Peshawar for Rs 100,000. The police arrested the couple from Nowshera district, Pabbi tehsil. The accused revealed that they already had 5 daughters and due to the financial crisis they had to sell their 6th baby girl. 

On Friday, the police of North Western Pakistan nabbed a gang which was involved in the buying and selling of newborn children. They stole them from hospitals and sold them to sterile couples for up to Rs 300,000. 

The 10-member gang comprised of 7 women and three men. The women were employed as health workers at different hospitals in Peshawar. They would get hold of dead infants. When they needed to steal a baby from a maternity home, they’d put a dead body in the place of the newborn child and tell the parents that their child was born dead or died soon after birth. 

This matter is very disturbing and needs the immediate attention of concerned authorities. The Prime Minister should take notice of the situation and take firm action to stop this practice. 


Lahore, August 15. 

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