KARACHI - The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) held its first business leaders conference at a local hotel in Karachi on Wednesday.

The theme of the conference was “Shaping Future of Businesses in Pakistan” in which eminent business leaders of Pakistan addressed to the participants of the conference on the various topics pertaining to the theme of the conference.

Speakers and panellist of the conference includes Chief Executive officers Sirajjudin Aziz of Habib Metro Bank, Nadeem Ahmed of Searle, Shehzad G Dada, Standard Chartered, Amir Iqbal of Bayer Pakistan, Managing Director Humayun Jamshed at Islamic banking, France, chairman of shaan foods.

 Sikander Sultan and Associate professor Middlesex University, London, Jaseem Ahmed.

The conference was comprised five major discussions which include Future of business, Leaders challenges, Peoples challenge, How leaders tackle the team issues and Team issues.

The purpose of this conference was to anticipate the future of businesses in Pakistan and to enhance the business activities in a manner which benefits the society said Shiraz Ahmed founder of BLC.

President IoBM Talib S Karim while addressing the participants of the conference said that leaders are not born but made he continued it is just the start of emerging business. Youngsters are now inclined towards this sector and that’s where they learn leadership traits.

Speaking on the future of business and Pakistan CEO HMB Siajjudin said that the element of leadership is to sacrifice, it is only man and women in history who have learned the level of sacrifice and the best example is Quaid-E-Azam, the epitome of sacrifice.

Nadeem Ahmed, CEO of Searle said that until and unless you don’t feel the ownership you won’t be able to be successful. He ended with a note that Success can only be achieved with passion and ownership.

Jaseem Ahmed, Associate professor Middlesex University, London while speaking on the topic why business leaders make poor decisions said that “One should be mentally prepare for what is coming in your way.”Questioning what is your business model he suggested that one need to be engaged with employees, customers and suppliers. Ending the note with how to measure and research things that are easy all we need is to think about these.

Shehzad G Dada, CEO SCB, Sikander Sultan, chairman shaan foods and other also spoke on the occasion.