SIALKOT-The trend of converting the local marriage halls, which lack proper parking space, into the campuses of private colleges is growing thereby increasing traffic problems in Daska city.

Five main marriage halls namely Al-Hamra Marriage Hall, City Marriage Hall, Bandhan Marriage Hall, Millan Marriage Hall and Sangam Marriage Hall have been converted into the campuses of the private colleges.

These marriage halls-turned-private colleges lack the proper places for parking and even grounds. The “new-shaped” campuses of the private colleges also do not the criteria and SOPs issued by the Sialkot Education Department (Colleges).

However, the concerned officials of the Sialkot Education Department are still reluctant to take any legal action. The owners of Daska city’s five main marriage halls, located at congested College Road, have converted their marriage halls into the private colleges after putting their buildings on rent to the private colleges.

Some owners of these marriage halls said, “We are also doing business by putting our marriage halls on rent to the local private colleges, which are also doing business here”.

They said that they were happy to put their marriage halls on heavy rent to the local private colleges, as the private colleges were giving them handsome amounts in shape of rent besides offering them partnership as well, as the rent was much more than the monthly income of marriage halls.

They said that the businesses of the marriage halls were also going in loss in Daska city thus they put these marriage halls on rent. These marriage halls-tuned-private colleges were located at Daska city’s congested College Road, with the growing parking problems, as these halls were also not having the proper places for the parking.

On the other hand, the owners of these private colleges said that they were also happy to establish their colleges’ campuses in the buildings of these marriage halls by having little bit direly needed changes by establishing the different separate portions for the classrooms.

ARREST: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a notorious human trafficker accused Nadeem Akhtar from Sirraanwali-Satrah, Daska tehsil here today. The accused was sending the local innocent people abroad illegally after getting big amounts from them. FIA has sent the accused behind the bars after registering a case against him, he added.