Islamabad - The Shariah Academy is holding a three-day conference on ‘Rights of the Child in Islam’ with an aim to discuss and recommend future policy development for the strengthened realisation of the children rights living in Muslim-majority states. The conference was being hold in collaboration with United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Pakistan and attended by the academicians, experts, child rights activists, judges, lawyers, journalists and religious scholars.

The obligations of parents, individuals and the state to protect the rights of the child, Right of the child within the family and other related matters would be discussed. The0inaugural ceremony was chaired by the IIUI Rector, Dr Masoom Yasinzai, while Chief Guest of the ceremony was Justice Retired Ali Nawaz Chowhan, Chairman NCHR Pakistan, while it was also attended by IIUI President, Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, Ambassadors of various countries, UNICEF representatives, Vice President AFP, Dr Muhammad Munir, varsity faculty and students.

The conference’s recommendations can be a great source of help regarding the legislation in the bill on juvenile system, said Justice Chowhan.

He added that rights of the child being violated by few negative elements that unfortunately use name of religion in this regard and plan destructive activities such as suicide bombings. He emphasized on the need that universities such as IIUI must be part of main stream to recommend ways and urge for the protection of child rights in the Muslim societies.

Justice Chowhan called upon the Muslim world to devise well balanced curriculums to enlighten children. He also stressed that parliament should give special importance to befitting juvenile laws.

Dr Masoom Yasinzai said that children have prerogative to have access to sports and the unfortunate aspect he identified was absence of nurture. As children are being taught the curriculum based subjects but the ethical issues and personality building in the light of Islam was being ignored in the educational institutions and families, he added.

He furthered that lack of appropriate brought up leads to nepotism, corruption and fatal such as rigidity. IIUI Rector also called for a well devised strategy regarding malnutrition and said that it was need of hour to address the issue in constructive forums. Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, in his speech said that slam cares about childhood and Muslims regard children as gifts/trust from Allah (SWT).