Pakistan and China are deeply and actively involved in the development of a service mechanism for setting up information corridor.

Zhan Yue, General Manager of Beijing GoSure Technology Company said, today in an interview, that progress for the development of mechanism was going well.

The development of China-Pakistan Information Corridor will be a valuable experience for the construction of information corridor in 60-70 countries along the Belts and Roads.

The main content of the China-Pakistan Information Corridor is the establishment of four basic platforms including China-Pakistan Information portal, service platform for projects and investment-financing, think-tank platform of specialists, platform of culture, education and training, establish a platform of cross-border E-business and a platform of security certification.

Zhan Yue said that this initiative is part of the Belts and Roads China-Pakistan economic Corridor strategic plan. During the meeting of Research and Development International conducted in the Chinese city of Haikou proposals and implementation plans regarding this corridor were discussed.  

The thin-tank specialists from China and Pakistan raised an initiative of establishing the China-Pakistan Information Corridor, which was recognized by all the attendees.

The concept of development of China-Pakistan Information corridor, construction solutions, cooperation and task allocation and related questions were thoroughly discussed when Zhao Baige, Director of Research and Development International, came to Pakistan along with a delegation last year on an academic visit, according to Zhan Yue.