Barack Obama, former President of the United States tweeted four days ago that racism is a social construct that isn’t based on any biological defect. His tweet came in time for the white supremacist violence that occurred in Charlottesville on Saturday. He quoted black rights activist, Nelson Mandela from his memoir Long Walk to Freedom.

Since Sunday, the tweet has been retweeted 1.5 million times and has been liked more than 4.1 million times. He followed it by other aphorisms from the book.

He added that love came more naturally to the human heart than hatred.

Heather Heyer, a thirty-two years old left-wing social activist died last Saturday as a suspected white nationalist smashed his car into a peaceful demonstration by anti-fascist protestors that was opposing a White supremacist rally in Charlottesville in the state of Virginia. White supremacists were protesting for the removal of a statue of a Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.

The clash injured thirty-four people.

The right-wing violence in Charlottesville sparked a nationwide debate, with international criticism upon President Donald Trump for his response to the incident. Trump told reporters that there were 'two sides to every story' and left-wing protestors were also to blame for the violence.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May also condemned Trump's statement. May now faces pressure from MPs to rescind her invitation to the US president for touring UK.

Obama’s tweet broke the record previously held by Ariana Grande in wake of her response to the Manchester bombing, back in May. Many pointed out the difference between the two Presidents and said that they missed 'thoughtful, cogent thoughts from an intelligent person' in the WH.