As Pakistan celebrates its 70th Independence Day, the whole nation united to celebrate the essence of the national anthem ‘Pak Sar Zameen’ over and over again to recall its commitment to the dream of an progressive and independent Pakistan. As in every school, colleges, universities playing the National Anthem is an tradition, it is to made to learn and sing to evoke feeling of ‘Patriotic’ to the nation as its proud caretakers.

The Urdu lyrics of National Anthem ‘Pak Sar Zameen’ was written by Hafeez Jullundhri have similarities with Persian which is understandable in both languages. The national anthem has dense Persian poetic vocabulary and only uses one Urdu word ‘ka’. The anthem have magical lyrics consist of three stanzas of five lines each that leaves a lasting impression. It begins with ‘Pak sar zameen shad baad’ which signifies ‘blessed be the sacred land’.

The first stanza emphasizes earthy aspects and spiritual realities which have now appeared in the physical form of the ravishing country. The second stanza empower brotherhood of the people that becomes luminous, and introduces the state, nation, land of Pakistan. The last line demonstrate the destination of ambitious dreams. The last and third stanza is entirely about the Pakistani flag, flags can be also called a guide. The star becomes symbol of progress that signifies perfection and independent Pakistan.

The line ‘Saya e khuda e zul jalal’ as a whole nation bow their heads in respect for countless giving thanks the Almighty Allah for the prosperous homeland he has given us and ask for protection for the country.

National anthem is always being an patriotic musical composition that manifest the traditions, rich history, struggles, scarifies which is a result that we own a beautiful homeland called ‘Humara Pakistan’. The national anthem is an evoking of spirits, demonstrating Pakistan as the center of freedom and faith having in store natural beauty and above all its independence.

Here is the remix version by Paul Van Dayk