BERLIN: Hundreds of Pakistanis wearing national dresses gathered at the very famous, historical and iconic Brandenburg Gate of Berlin to commemorate the 70th Independence Day organised by the Embassy of Pakistan here in Berlin. Banners and Pakistani flags added to the beauty of the place and the whole venue turned into a scene of colourful Pakistani cultural show.

Renowned British-Pakistani dhol player Rani Taj was invited by the embassy to entertain the crowed with her special dhol beats on national songs of Pakistan where her heart-throbbing dhol beats charged the whole crowd. Many Pakistanis indulged in Bhangra and other traditional dances on rhythmic dhol beats of Rani Taj. A car decorated with famous Truck Art of Pakistan was also a major attraction on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Jauhar Saleem touched upon the ideals and aspirations which led to the creation of Pakistanis and are still guiding light for the nation’s march to peace and progress. He added that Pakistan is often misrepresented by the media, but is a country where human values, arts, culture, social media and film industry are all flourishing. He also shed light on the Kashmir dispute and demanded to maintain the peace in the disputed Kashmir.

Rabia Tahir, a Pakistani student hailing from Karachi and studying in Berlin while talking to the news correspondent shared the joy of being part of such an event. “Listening-up a Pakistani national songs in Berlin is truly an amazing experience and giving me goose bumps. I have a feeling as in I am celebrating Independence Day in Pakistan,” she added.

An IT professional from Pakistan, serving in Berlin, extended his prayers for Pakistan on the occasion and desired to get back to the country very soon to serve the homeland. He also thanked to the embassy for organizing such event to keep their national spirits high.