Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was elected as the new interim Prime Minister until Shahbaz Sharif wins elections. Every thoughtful person is asking the question; Is the new PM is a honest leader? In his speech in the National Assembly, pleading his loyalty to Godfather and criticising the verdict of Supreme Court, might indicate that his loyalty lie elsewhere. 

Nawaz Sharif is charged with criminal cases of using his authority for making his family filthy rich. Some people claims that Shahid Abassi has been selected by the Godfather on advice of notorious Saif ur Rehman, who specially came from Qatar to make sure of his selection and to protect the financial interest in LNG’s long term contact and a power plant being set up at Karachi in joint venture between China Company. The new PM is also faced with allegation with regard to the Rs 220 Billion LNG import scandal. The other question being raised is that new PM was the chairman of PIA when Musharraf plane was hijacked and was denied landing at Karachi Airport. It is also viewed by those in the aviation industry that due to his owning of Blue Airline, the PIA has been destroyed economically as well operationally with such allegation how long he will be able to serve is a question. 


Lahore, August 2.