KASUR - Citizens have reportedly been falling victim to digestive disorders and kidney diseases allegedly due to the overt sale of unhygienic ice in Kasur city and its surroundings.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that ice blocks are manufactured from polluted water which the people buy for domestic use. The sale of ice gets a momentum with the start of summer as people put it into water for drinking to beat the heat. But the ice-sellers, in their craze for making big money, neglect hygienic conditions. They do not get the water filtered and manufacture ice from polluted water, carrying sewage and chemicals. In this way, they play havoc with the public lives. There are also reports of spread of digestives disorders and kidney diseases among people due to consumption of water which is get cold through this kind of ice. During the survey, this correspondent approached residents of different localities who told him about the areas where the malpractice is being carried out without let or hindrance.

The area include: Chungi Khara Road, Purana Lorry Adda, Lilyani Adda Chowk, Railway Road, Rukanpura, Basti Charagh Shah, Kot Usman Khan and Steel Bagh. They regretted that officials of the Health Department and District Food Authority know about the sale of spurious ice like the back of their hands but are least bothered to take action the malpractice.

They demanded the administration to look into the grave situation take action those spreading diseases among people.