LAHORE: Singer Humera Arshad has accused her husband of attacking her and her family members.

According to the singer, Ahmed Butt- her husband of more than 10 years- had threatened her of dire consequences and had refused to hand over their six year old son.

Arshad said that Butt had agreed to hand over the custody of their son only if she transferred the ownership of her house to his name.

Despite agreeing to the aforementioned condition, she said that Butt assaulted her and her family. According to the singer, Butt attacked her nephew when he and Arshad’s brother had come to her rescue.

Arshad stated that her spouse wanted not only the house but all her money and her child as well. She was also threatened to be publically accused of blasphemy unless she compromised by Butt.

On the contrast, Pakistani model and actor Ahmed Butt stressed that he was pounced upon by Arshad’s brothers and tortured when he had gone to visit his son.

He subsequently made a call to 15.