Pakistan is home to wonders that behold the interest of foreigners and locals alike. Following are the most prominent of Pakistan’s attractions.

1.       Eye-catching historical attractions

Multiple cultural vistas such as Rohtas Fort, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, and the Altit Fort are a perfect opportunity for any fun-seeking individual to explore Pakistan in all its glory. And to add to that, Pakistan’s beaches, and markets filled with unique experiences such as Camel Riding, and colourful local souvenirs are bliss, and not to forget the extremely aesthetic pictures.

2.       Miraculous, Breath taking landscape

In the north of Pakistan, Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, is an epitome of beauty, serenity and wilderness. Aansu Lake, shaped like a tear drop, is at a height of 16,490 feet in Kaghan Valley. Home to K2, world’s second largest mountain peak, and Biafo Glacier, world’s longest glacial system outside the Polar Regions, as well as the vast plains and coastlines, beauty is in nothing short of an excess in Pakistan.

3.      Mouth watering cuisine

With a hoard of spice filled dishes, Barbeque, and drinks, with the infamous biryani ruling the plains, Pakistan is home to a very unique palette of tastes, and some of the most aggressive eaters all around the world. The food is amazing. Okay? Okay.

4.      Multitude of cultures intermingled

Pakistan as a host to multiple cultures, represents the perfect model of diversity. While ethnic groups such as Kalaash, Buzuro, and Hazara peacefully coinciding in the north alongside the Pushtuns; Punjab representing the Mughal and Sikh culture in its essence; Sindh with its unique history and culture; and the Balochi culture with its distinctive beauty, all with their own clothes, languages, dances, and ideologies, makes Pakistan a boiling pot of cultures and ideologies.

5.      Pathways into Ancient Civilizations

A safe haven for those interested in history, Pakistan has the distinct advantage of being host to Indus Valley Civilization, one of the most significant pre historic civilizations dating back to 3300 BC. With multiple archeological sites open to visitors such as Mohenjodaro, and Taxila, it’s hard to miss.

6.      Hospitality on fleek

Hospitality is a big and attractive part of Pakistani culture. Pakistani people are very conscious about their guests, even a guest of one family is considering a guest of the whole street or village. They give them more respect and try their best to make them happy and comfortable with their attitude. They give them different gifts, and care about each and every thing.