CHITRAL - The Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) has filed a lawsuit against a female doctor for not rejoining the organization after completing her MCPS sponsored by the organization and opting for government service instead.

Prominent educationist, writer and literary figure of Chitral, Sher Wali Khan Aseer, in a statement said that the AKHS was mentally torturing his daughter Dr Zohra Wali after she joined the KP health department through Provincial Public Service Commission (PPSC) and was posted to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Booni as a gynaecologist.

Dr Zohra earlier worked with the AKHS and was posted to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Mastuj run by the AKHS under an agreement with the KP government.

He said her daughter was ready to work for the Aga Khan Health Centre Booni in the evening and had sought time from the AKHS to complete her probationary period in the government service but the AKHS moved the court against her.

“It is the first case of its kind. Earlier, dozens of AKHS professionals have left the organisation but no one was proceeded against.

Their litigation is based on personal grudges and the fact that patient flow has now diverted from the Aga Khan Medical Centre to the THQ hospital Booni,” he added.

When contacted, AKHS General Manager Dr Zafar Ahmad told that his organization had provided Rs1.5 million to Dr Zohra to complete her MCPS from Abbottabad.

He said the AKHS and the doctor had entered into an agreement in front of witnesses under which after completing MCPS she was to rejoin the AKHS and serve with it for at least four years. However, after completing the specialization the doctor joined the government service without even reporting to the AKHS.

He said under the agreement if the doctor did not rejoin the AKHS she was bound to pay the amount back to the organization.