KAMALIA - The Punjab government has mobilized all institutions in the province to accelerate tree plantation campaign. In this regard, a tree plantation campaign was launched by the National Commission for Human Development [NCHD], Toba Tek Singh at all district feeder schools. NCHD Field Officer Zahid Abbas started the campaign by planting a sapling at Govt Feeder School, Basti Feroz Purian.

Speaking to The Nation on this occasion, Mr Zahid Abbas said in order to make the campaign successful, the school teachers and the students were being made aware of the reasons why tree plantation was important. “In the wake of changing environment, we need to plant more trees in our homes and schools so that environment pollution could be controlled,” he said.

SEARCH OP: A joint team of police and other law enforcement agencies held a search operation at Chak 711. The search operation was ordered and monitored by Toba District Police Officer (DPO) Zulfiqar Ahmed. During the operation, 30 houses were combed and identity of 45 people was verified through biometric device. However, no arrest was made during the operation.