Islamabad  -  After postponement on Thursday, a meeting to resolve an ongoing tussle between Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) over distribution of assets will be held today (Friday).

The meeting was earlier secluded on Thursday in the chair of Secretary Interior while other participants included Chief Officer MCI, Chairman CDA, Chief Commissioner Islamabad and representatives of the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and Ministry of Interior.

Sources informed that the already scheduled meeting was postponed because of a mandatory appearance of the Chairman CDA before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The said institutional clash surfaced after the transfer of 71 CDA properties to MCI by Ministry of Interior, when chairman CDA has officially opposed this transfer of assets.

The ministry of interior through a notification handed over the 71 properties to MCI in third weak of July, which were previously owned by CDA. All parks and playgrounds in the city, citizens club, Marghazar Zoo, plots earmarked for the establishment of bus terminal, plot allotted for slaughterhouse, CDA’s G-6 building where the mayor’s office is located, Fatima Jinnah Park, Lake View Park and its adjoining land, buildings of various directorates were named in this notification.

However, the Chairman CDA Ishrat Ali wrote a letter to CADD ministry and apposed the move in which the assets were transferred to the MCI. He asked the CADD secretary to discuss the issue with the interior secretary the withdrawal of its notification. 

Chairman CDA in its letter argued that the notification of interior ministry was issued in hassle and without following a set procedure in this regards mentioned in Capital Development Authority Ordinance and the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Act.

It was further stated that while preparing the list of assets to be handed over to MCI, the ministry did not take all stakeholders on board while many assets and properties appeared to be irrelevant to the functions performed by the MCI.

Chairman CDA argued that the assets and properties have been built by the Capital Development Authority over the years through its own sources and are required by the authority to discharge its functions.

He requested in his letter to take up the matter with the Ministry of Interior to withdraw the said notification and added further that the distribution of assets and properties may be dealt with according to rules and regulations.

It is pertinent to mention here that the distribution of assets is a long awaited step since the formation of MCI. The corporation took over 23 departments of the CDA fully and 27 partially after the local government system was set up in capital city.

However, the issue of the transfer of employees could not be decided due to multiple reasons including litigation in courts.

On the other side, the transfer and posting of CDA’s employees in MCI also turned into a dispute and the latter wanted its proper role in this regard. However, CDA’s top management is looking uninterested to share its powers with newly formed corporation.



muhammad asad chaudhry