Nusrat recorded as much as 125 music albums in his music career.

Today marks the 21st death anniversary of legendary qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Though he hailed from a family of qawwals, his family wanted to opt for medicine as a career. However, destiny had other plans from him. With his first public performance just at the age of 16, he made the audience aware of his enormous genius and talent.

It was no one else but Nusrat who introduced the genre of qawali to the international music enthusiasts. Eminent artists like Eddie Vedder and Peter Gabriel felt honoured while making music with the Pakistani qawali maestro. Nusrat won many honours including the prestigious UNESCO Music Prize.

Though the legend passed away on 16th August 1997, his music has continued to grow in popularity. One would not wonder if the organising team of Coke Studio regret their bad luck of not being able to record Nusrat’s voice.

Yes, I tried to change the classical

style in a way that people who don’t

understand it can enjoy.

–Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan