Finally, we Pakistanis are bestowed with a Prime Minister we could be proud of. Someone who has the audacity and eloquence apt for the PM of a sovereign nuclear state, who is not a slave girl of USA or India, who talks vociferously about the issues otherwise considered petty like the prices of milk and other basic necessities and the malnutrition of children. This nation have had enough of the ‘contractor’ mentality Prime Minister devoid of any patent vision, who only made bridges instead of bridging the gap between imports and exports, demand and supply, provision of basic necessities and nutritional growth of children. All we ever witnessed in his tenure is either women giving birth to children on roads or women waiting in long queues of govt. hospitals for admission forms while their newly borns breathed their last and the former PM happily shopping at Harrods. Another nuisance was his daughter. The ‘papa ki princess’ and self proclaimed queen of social media either whining about the injustice of the institutions and establishment or amusing the nation with her rather comic threats to other political parties.

It is high time that we Pakistanis make a promise to ourselves that we would stop idol-worshipping these politicians and if the PM-in-waiting doesn’t deliver according to the gigantic promises he made to the nation, with the power of our vote, we would oust him out of power and give a chance to the next suitable candidate in line.


Lahore, July 31.