PTI takes action against MPA for slapping citizen

2018-08-17T02:30:15+05:00 Atif Khan

Islamabad  -  After strong resentment expressed through social media against the newly-elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh MPA Imran Ali Shah physically assaulting a citizen, the PTI spokesperson said that the matter had been referred to the provincial chapter’s disciplinary committee of the party.

The PTI Karachi media department clarified that Shah had not been suspended but he had been asked to submit a response within 24 hours in the matter.

“Due to seriousness of the matter, a suspension by the party is warranted for one month with immediate effect. Final action will be based on recommendations of the disciplinary committee”, said Najeeb Haroon, the PTI leader, on his social media page.

Shah, the PTI MPA elected from PS-129 Karachi, was caught on video slapping a man multiple times during a heated argument in the middle of a road.

The video went viral on social media and drew a strong backlash.

“This MPA slapped an older man; made a fabricated story; lied to public and media, and tried to justify himself. Apology is not enough. He must be made accountable.

That is how Imran Khan will be able to make his ‘naya’ Pakistan. ‘Jhoot aur na insaafi ki maafi nahi hoti, saza hoti hai’, said Aniqa Nisar, a social media user.

The social media users stressed the PTI chief to implement what he had been promising in his speeches for the last 20 years.

They said that it was high time that Khan who had been exemplifying welfare state of Madina at least implements a just system for the poor and the rich.

The debate among ‘Insafians’ and others got ugly as they compared the incident with other similar incidents in the past.

“Insafians are under the delusion that the MPA who slapped a citizen like this has been held accountable; he can only be held accountable if proceeded against under relevant provisions of the law for the assault and appropriately sentenced in a court”, said a user, Omar R Quraishi.

Netizen@ShaeQ asked “How about Nabil Gabol? You are not allowed to tweet about his behaviour as he cursed and tortured a citizen few days ago”.

Some tried to draw a comparison between the PPP leader who was disqualified after she was caught on camera slapping a polling officer and interfering in the polling process on the voting day in 2012. Leave PTI; let’s see how the courts and chief justice react.

Remember Wahida Shah of the PPP in 2012. She was disqualified for life for slapping the citizen, wrote another user, Ali Soomro.


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