GUJRAT - Pakistan is facing a number of issues and the solution to most of the problems lies in the provision of equal opportunities for all the countrymen to excel in life, said an expert told a seminar at Hafiz Hayat Campus of the University of Gujrat on Thursday.

Lt-Col Junaid Tahir Qazi, who was the chief guest at the seminar titled ‘National Solidarity and Integrity’ highlighted the need for concerted efforts aimed at strengthening the solidarity and integrity of the country.

He said, “Our ideological and geographical boundaries must be defended at all costs. It is one of our prime national responsibilities.”

“Pakistan is inundated with a host of problems and threats, both internal and external. Our sustainable development goals and economic prosperity depend on a strong, corruption-free system of governance,” he said. Patriotism, communal harmony, compassion, political stability, and consensus on issues of national importance are the basic ingredients of integrity,” he added.

He said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) does not fit in the US equation for economic and military ascendancy in the region.

 Among the internal threats, he said, terrorism, sectarianism, racial discrimination, poverty, political instability, and unjust distribution of resources were afflicting the country like a chronic disease. He highlighted the role of armed forces in the development and progress of the country. He said that the solution to most of the problems lies in equal opportunity for all to excel in life.

SSC Director Muhammad Yaqoob and Expert BIC Muhammad Haider Meraj were in the hosts’ chairs. They spoke about the role and sacrifices of our armed forces for the protection of the country.