Textbook board advisory council meets

The first session of advisory council of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board was held at the committee room Thursday.  The session was presided over by chairperson Muhammad Akram. MD Abdul Quyyum briefed the meeting about the performance of the board. The session was attended by Chairman of Education Board Lahore Ch Ismail, Principal of Queen Marry College Irfana Maraym, Secretary of Education Board Faisalabad Khurrum and other persons concerned. The meeting was briefed about the performance of different departments of PCTB while it was decided that textbooks from grade one to intermediate level are being designed according to the modern standards. It was deliberated in the meeting of advisory council that what measures should have been taken to establish and implement concept based education. It was considered to discourage the rote system in education by implementing concept based education gradually through scheme of study till 2023.  A special booklet titled "Protected Children, Strong Pakistan" was prepared in Feb, 2018 for the protection of the children. Many workshops were arranged in collaboration with teachers, parents and other stack holders to make text books error free and harmonised them with the modern standards of education. Different seminars were also arranged in accordance with the spirit of national solidarity.–Staff Reporter

32 luxury vehicles seized

The Punjab Safe City Authority and police in a joint operation have sized 32 luxury vehicles during a special crackdown in Lahore. A spokesman for the authority on Thursday said the joint operation against suspected vehicles was launched on the orders of Punjab Police Inspector General Syed Kaleem Imam a couple of weeks ago. “The (vehicles) impounded (by police) included 3 Mercedes, 11 Land Cruisers, 5 Hilux, 6 Honda, 3 Toyota Corollas cars, 3 Audis and a Range Rover. At least 195 vehicles were black listed or fined or both,” the spokesman said. The latest operation was part of the police campaign against stolen, unregistered, tempered and vehicles with fake number plates. The police checked and scanned at least 8,345 vehicles during one month in Lahore. During examination, at least 421 vehicles were found having incomplete ID and registration papers. Also, at least 107 drivers were using fake number plates on their vehicles. The spokesman also explained that the “safe city authority only identifies illegal vehicles by using its high-tech cameras. However, further investigations and subsequent actions are carried out by Punjab Police.”–Staff Reporter

Doctors’ demand

Senior doctors expressed their concerns over depriving them of allowance on the objection of the Auditor General of Pakistan. The doctors appealed to the interim health minister to look into the matter and provide them allowance.–Staff Reporter