LAHORE-Renowned Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has clapped back at Indian anchorperson, Arnab Goswami, who mocked him for being an ‘ISI agent’.

Writing on Twitter, Hamza said, “So that over actor and warmongerer for ratings, guy Arnab/his channel declared me an undercover ISI agent! Let me clarify, I am not an “undercover” ISI agent, I am very openly/proudly an ISI agent, just like more than 200 million Pakistanis are proud ISI agents!”

He continued, “I always thought maybe I will not see a free Kashmir in my lifetime but seeing one blunder after another of Modi’s fascist regime and the delusional propaganda their fascist media outlets are spreading, I am now very confident that Insha Allah I will see a free Kashmir very soon.”

Farhan Saeed earlier called on Goswami’s to propagate ‘blind journalism’ and spread hatred among the two countries.