KARACHI - Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani said that 18th August Independence Day City Parade 2019 will highlight the original history, glory and cultural aspects.

He expressed these views while holding a press conference at his office on Friday. He further said that the Independence Day  City Parade 2019 will also had 12 floats of cultural, social and civil organizations including the Sindh Rangers will lead the parade while police, all four provinces with Kashmir and Gilgat Balitistan floats, 250 scouts, motorcyclists and 100 girls and boys cyclists, vintage motor cars, buggies [victorias] 50 donkey carts, gymnastics, karate, basket ball, shooting ball, foot ball, hockey, yoga, jodo martial arts etc will also be displayed by their respective players and talented youths in the parade.

The commissioner further elaborated that the local administration with the full support of the provincial government and cooperation of civil society and private sector organizations sponsors like Arts Council, Pakistan Sports Welfare Association, Sindh Olympics Association ,DC South, South Police, Sindh Rangers and civic agencies KMC/DMCs, Cheepa, Edhi and Dr Essa Lab are also participated fully and contribute their role aggressively for the promotion, projection and development of the city through this Independence Day City Parade 2019.

He said that besides this we are also taken various measures for beautification, progress, restore the glory of this city of Karachi, had  restored the Jehangir Park and Empress Market in its original shape, while Marathon Race and Blue Jacket Projects were also made [during 10 days celebrations and before that]  while to clean the city after and continue the campaign of blue jacket project volunteers in other parts / districts of the city Karachi would be replicate very soon to involve all citizens in this noble task to encourage them to come forward. The commissioner had also mentioned clearly that not a single rupee was used from the government exchequer  and all this will be made by the contributors and civil society sponsors. Media should also play their due role as they were always with us in all our endeavour’s, now they project, promote and publicize the Karachi city parade in their respective print and electronic media.

He said that London , US and South America etc countries of the world will also held a  such parades on their happiness and joyous moments with full participation of children , elders and women and  all walks of lives,. Such activities, will end the negativity  and created positivity in the society growingly, we all are working on it with dedication, hardworking and put efforts in this  directions.

DC South Syed Salahuddin has also briefed that rehressal of the parade will also be held tomorrow at 2 pm at DJ College Ground Commerce College, while 12 floats will be displayed, 100 cyclists and 250 scouts will coordinate and provide services there. The parade will start from Bara Dari to Tower .

Shallwani also appealed the citizens to fully participate and join Karachi city parade on 18th August to love, own their city whole heartedly.

Before holding a press briefing the Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani has held a meeting to review the progress and arrangements of security etc. Olympian Islahuddin, President Arts Council Ahmed Shah and others were also present.

On the occasion, Shallwani and others also unveiled the T-shirt of the Independence Day City Parade.