Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid said the nation will fight till the last drop of their blood for Kashmir. He said Modi’s stupidity has once again made the Kashmir dispute alive.

Talking to media in London, he said the message from PM Imran Khan and Pakistan Army is clear and those not standing with Kashmir cause would be considered as traitors.

He said Muslims in India are fearing while in Kashmir people are deprived of food and medicine. He said Pakistanis stand with their brothers and sisters in Kashmir. Rashid said people of Kashmir are fighting for freedom from last 72 years and its their right to get independence.

He said those who are struggling for freedom are freedom fighters not the terrorists, adding that final decision remains in the hands of freedom fighters. He said Muslims are being targeted and we can only fight by remaining united.

He said Pakistan wants peace but if war imposed on us then a befitting reply would be given. He said we have 75% missile technology and remaining 25% is our air strength. He said our enemy has exactly opposite technology. He said Nuclear weapons would be used if needed.