LAHORE - Mushaal Hussein Mullick has warned of serious humanitarian crisis due because of continuous curfew in Kashmir. Talking to media during visit to Lahore Press Club on Friday, she said without food, water and medicines, the Kashmir valley was reliving a tragedy like that of Karbala.

The wife of JKLF leader Yasin Malik said even the media was completely silenced with the closure of all communication systems like internet, phone services and transport. She said even the schools, colleges, markets and offices were closed for the last 13 days depriving the people from their livelihood.

She termed the UNSC meeting on Kashmir a great success for Kashmiri Muslims, and urged upon world media to highlight the Indian massacre of Kashmiri men, women and children as terror victims like it had portrayed such tragedies elsewhere in the world. She said thousands of Kashmiri children including girls were killed, wounded and blinded by pellet guns and then their eye balls were gouged out by Indian army. She said UN never checked Indian army’s use of banned weapons like Phosphorus shells, pellet guns, etc against Kashmiri children that left thousands handicapped. She said majority of girls schools were either made army camps or burnt down, forcing thousands of girls without education. Large numbers of Kashmiri youth including girls were maimed and handicapped. 

She said Kashmiris wanted world bodies to acknowledge their right to self determination guaranteed by UN resolutions. She warned that if the world especially the Muslim countries did not come forward immediately to stop genocide in Kashmir then it would become the greatest human tragedy. She wondered why US did not recognize Kashmiris right to freedom despite that US constitution was based on freedom and equality. She said US was violating its own constitution, adding that if armed freedom struggle was made the yardstick to terrorism then all the US freedom fighters and even Bhagat Singh of India should be dubbed as terrorists.

She said Indian army’s human right violations in Kashmir were unprecedented in the history. She said Kashmiri women were gang raped and tortured in their own homes. Kashmiri women were rape victims and bread earners for their families as their husbands were martyred, handicapped or missing.   Mishal called on champions of human rights and democracy in India to make Delhi stop genocide of unarmed Muslims in Kashmir.

She expressed firm hope that invaluable sacrifices by Kashmiri Muslims would not go waste and bear fruit in shape of freedom.