Luckily Pakistan has three mountain ranges which are Karakoram, Hindu Kush, and Himalayas range. At Jagloti town these three ranges meet. The International Center for Integrated Mountain Development estimated that the Glacier of these ranges is melting at an alarming rate due to climate change. The report said that the concentration of carbon is in the highest amplitude due to which the temperature is increasing 43 to 50 °C. The radiation fall on the surface of the ice cap, which increases the velocity of molecules. The bond breaks down molecules which allow the ice to flow and cause catastrophe to nearby areas. According to the reports if the level of carbon decreases up to 1.5%, then 36% glacier will be saved. The major cause of the melting of glaciers is the concentration of Carbon and pollution, caused by human beings. Hence, the level of Carbon will be decreased by growing plants and it is my request to the climate authorities to take action against this problem.


Allah Bakht.