An American lawyer Clarence Darrow in an interview in 1936 said that “there is no such thing as justice — in or out of court.” His quote seems to further the views of Pope Gregory VII who said that he loved justice, and hated iniquity, therefore he died in exile. These two statements were mind-boggling for me and I wondered why Clarence Darrow and Pope VII cast doubt about justice. My long life of amazement about their statements has become clear by controversial decisions during the ICC World Cup final. The match ended in a tie in every way even after the super over and the controversial award of six runs to England on an overthrow by the Umpire. If any team edged the other; it was New Zealand, which was forced into defeat by the controversial decision of umpire Dharma Sena. He now confesses that his decision to award six runs to England on overthrow was wrong, but still stuck to his position. There I find the truth about justice. I also appreciate the boldness of Mr. Morgan, captain of the England team, who confessed that the result of the World Cup final was not fair. The captain of the New Zealand team also termed the decision as a riveting theater’ where everyone- player and fans- were left gasping at the finish.