KARACHI - Federal Minister for Maritimes Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi Friday sought the people’s help for cleaning Karachi and asked the citizens to expose those who throw garbage on public places.

Addressing a presser in Lyari, the minister asked the citizens to film those who throw litter on public place and upload it on social media to expose these elements. He was of the view that such elements should be ashamed of their act, naming this campaign ‘Name and Shame’. He asked Karachiites to upload video of that person along with his name and location too, adding that big industries could also be exposed as they don’t have treatment plants for effluent and releasing their untreated waste into the sea. “Garbage throwers or those who release untreated industrial waste would be exposed country-wide through media,” the minister announced.

Zaidi said that in the first phase, they had cleaned all big Nullahs of the city and now they would be cleaning garbage from Karachi. “After removal of garbage from the Nullahs, rainwater was drained out quite easily even after 175mm rain,” he added. The minister said that in the second phase, they would lift litter from every point and dump it on landfill site. “Lifting garbage has officially been started from Lyari today (Friday),”

Asks citizens to film those who throw litter on public place and upload it on social media

Zaidi said that they were informed by provincial garbage lifting authority-SSWMB- regarding garbage transition stations in the city for dumping garbage.

“We were first asked to dump garbage there and later a minister was sharing videos of it,” he said adding that they would be shifting this garbage by Friday night to landfill site but the minister should also inform as to why no action was taken when these grounds have illegal offices of a party (MQM-P)-having gloves in hand with PPP in terror activities. 

“In next step we will be dumping it from garbage dumping site to the landfill sites,” he said.

He was of the view that they cannot give a deadline to clean the city ‘as this campaign is not time bound but target bound. Zaidi went on to say that the litter of 70 years cannot be cleaned in five or six days but ‘we would be doing cleaning work till the city cleans completely’. Zaidi also asked the federal government’s three institutions—Pakista­n National Shipping Corporation, Port Qasim and Karachi Port Trust— play their role to prevent garbage from releasing into sea.

He expressed his gratitude to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Local Government Minister Nasir Shah for introducing Blue Jacket Movement to clean Karachi and lifting ban on plastic bags.

He also thanked Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar for tendering support for the campaign. Zaidi also thanked Frontier Works Organization and Pakistan Army for helping authorities concerned during rain that lashed out in the city last Saturday and Sunday.

Responding to the criticism over collecting funds for the campaign, the minister said that a private account was opened for the purpose and everything was being done transparently. Zaidi went on to say that cleanliness was not the Maritimes Minister’s job but ‘we came here to help the Local and Sindh Governments’. The Prime Minister had tasked me to oversee cleanliness in Karachi upon the request of the city Mayor, he added.