Amber Heard had to defend herself on Twitter after numerous social media users accused her of being disrespectful towards Muslim culture, following the actress sharing a photo during her visit to a Turkish mosque where she appeared to be braless.

 The pics, which seem to have been deleted and then uploaded again to her Instagram feed and stories, showed the Rum Diary star posing in one of Istanbul’s sacred places while wearing a red head scarf above a light-colored blouse and top that displayed her braless breasts. The photos outraged some social media users who rushed to share them on other platforms, including Twitter, while accusing the 34-year-old actress of being unaware of "the meaning of respect".

"Oh, she's so respectful right?", one user grudged. "At a religious ground showing off her breasts in a see-through blouse... she'll put a scarf over her head, but a bra? Nah...This pic sums up how fake and phoney #AmberHeard really is".

However, after one outlet reported about the resentment Heard's appearance inspired, the actress hit back at the media and haters with a ringing tweet: "Nope. Apparently whoever paid 4 this to b 'written' was not paid enough".